Gill Management Inc.


You are only as powerful as that for which you stand.  Our creed is to strive every hour of every day to exceed our Guests’ expectations in all areas of restaurant operations.  This will optimize sales and profits and thereby benefit our most important resource, our people.  Our organization’s Core Values are about freedom or self-determination, continuous improvement, and team-building or Growth through Motivated Individuals, and excellence.  We know that excellence is not an accident.  Excellence is a habit.

To achieve excellence, GMI’s Core Values include:

  • Empower, yet continually inform and train
  • Communicate with, understand and respect our team members
  • Recognize and support all those with whom we do business
  • Challenge ourselves to consistently achieve Guest perceptible results
  • Hold accountable, have fun and aggressively reward accomplishment

GMI’s Built to Last Mission and Vision Statement

For the past 30+ years in the Fox Valley and NW Suburbs of Chicagoland, Gill Management, Inc. has exclusively done business as Burger King, whose restaurants’ team members are given the “freedom to succeed”.  Said another way, our management goal is to find good people, GMI indoctrinate and conscientiously train them, impart our Core Values of self-determination, leadership and continuous improvement; then, get out of their way.  Once this is done, we will continue to “sweat the small stuff” that particularly matters to our Guests, lead in innovation and make above the norm capital investment in both plant and people.  We believe discontent is healthy and that you must control your own destiny or someone else will… and that “good enough”, never is!

Luck favors the persistent, and our goal has been, and will be for the next 20 years, to be an organization persistently striving to be, “not the biggest, but the best”.  For GMI, that means fulfilling our vision and long term mission of being “leader servants”, continuing education, self – and restaurant – improvement.  This is done by sustainably creating aware managers who habitually “catch people doing things right“, and winning leaders who always treat others the way they’d like to be treated.  To us, “winning” leaders are personally accountable difference makers, committed to attracting quality people, and to consistently teach them so they can optimally serve our Guests.  Ultimately, GMI’s long-term mission’s success will be realized only through our ability to execute our central value belief that, as you give, so shall it be given to you.

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